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Harold Wong agreed to purchase 1.07% shares from MUFG?

According to HKEX disclosure, Harold Wong Tsu Hing seems to agree of purchasing the shares of Dah Sing Financials over the counter from MUFG Bank by cash on 20th November. The record showed Harold Wong's holding would add 3,413,267 shares, from 126,189,187 shares (39.49%) up to 129,602,454 shares (40.56%). The cost is 28.66 per share which is about HKD 97,824,232 in total.

But interestingly, the shares of second largest shareholder MUFG is shown as unchanged at 35,370,777 shares (11.07%). Though HKEX describes MUFG's filing as"you have entered into an agreement for the sale of shares in which you are interested but are not required to deliver them within 4 trading days." We have to observe any real change of shares in the following days.

If there is a 1.07% change of shareholdings in Dah Sing Financials, the related parties should clarify as well.

Harold Wong is the son of David Wong. Wong's family is the major shareholder of whole Dah Sing Group.