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Dah Sing Bank Said Signing HK$3.42M Lease in Wan Chai’s Sunlight Tower

Dah Sing Bank, which was established in 1947, will be taking up 76,000 square feet in the Sunlight Tower, also known as the MLC Tower, according to an account in the Hong Kong Economic Times.

The Hong Kong-listed commercial bank is said to be paying the equivalent of HK$45 per square foot per month for its new home in the 40-storey skyscraper at 248 Queen’s Road East — around 50 percent less than the current HK$80 to HK$90 rates at its current home in the Everbright Centre.


Struggling Chinese Bank Gets a Lifeline From State-Backed Investors

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the country’s largest bank by assets, said one of its units would pay up to 3 billion yuan ($435.6 million) for a 10.82% stake in Bank of Jinzhou Co., which lends mostly to small and medium-size companies in a northeastern region of the country.

ICBC said its investment was aimed at supporting the regulators’ goal of channeling more funding to the private sector.

Two of China’s largest asset managers that specialize in handling distressed debt will also take minority stakes, Bank of Jinzhou said. China Cinda Asset Management’s stake would represent about 6.49% of its shares. China Great Wall Asset Management’s stake wasn’t disclosed.

The news sent prices of Bank of Jinzhou’s U.S. dollar bonds higher on Monday, according to traders. The introduction of state-backed firms could pave the way for future capital injections into the bank, said some analysts.

The recent moves had little impact on the country’s money markets despite investor concern over the health of the Chinese banking system in recent weeks. In May, Chinese regulators seized control of Baoshang Bank, once controlled by a missing tycoon and facing serious credit risks. The authorities said the takeover was an isolated incident but it led to spikes in some short-term lending rates and other market dislocations. The regulators took steps to calm the market by pumping liquidity into the system and asking brokers and financial firms to continue to trade with each other.


恒生淨息差略遜預期 3大行維持中性評級



花旗亦維持恒生「中性」評級,指中期純利較市場預測高出2%,主要由非利息收入帶動,保險業務表現強勁,不過淨利息收入及淨息差遜預期,另外收入增長率低於支出增長率(negative jaws)。


恒生中期多賺8% 派中期息1.4元

恒生(00011) 公布中期業績,恒生股東應得溢利按年增加8%,為136.56億元,除稅前溢利增加7%至158.94億元。每股盈利增加5%至6.98元,恒生第二次中股息派1.4元,按年增加7.7%。

期內,營業溢利增加6%至155.61億元,扣除預期信貸損失變動及其他信貸減值提撥前之營業溢利增加8%,為160.71 億元。