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Go Dah Sing可以是一個長期和大型的股東倡議行動,也可能成為維權運動,一切視乎各位的參與程度,請多登入Godahsing.com多了解有關大新系的最新市場消息,積極參與公司官方股東大會,同時可以斥資冠名聯署支持今次Go Dah Sing的活動。

閣下捐款支持並推動此行動的好處在於:一、匯集的資金將在適當時候用於香港以至國際報章刊登廣告和其他推廣大新系價值的行動;二、可予外界得悉Go Dah Sing是有實質且冠名的捐款支持;三、全數資金在扣除必要開支之後將用作慈善用途,造福社會。

Godahsing.com發起人許文昌決定以全新開納的中銀香港個人戶口,簡單通過上載結單披露賬目,減少不必要的核數開支等。歡迎捐款並傳收據至[email protected],中銀戶口編號為012-567-1-033571-7,戶口暫時僅作為今次活動用途。謝謝。

電郵捐款單據和申明參與聯署名字:[email protected]


Depending on how actively each and every one of you would like to participate in all of the significant events relevant to strengthening the performance of the Da Sing Group, the slogan “Go Dah Sing” could become a long-term initiative of the undergoing movement by itself, facilitating the solid unity among all of the mindful shareholders, if not eventually enabling a typical shareholder-activism movement.

To this end, you’re cordially invited to login, as often as possible, the Godahsing.com, in order to keep abreast of all market news relevant to the said Dah Sing’s shares. That said, it means you will be able to actively participate in all official events, such as the AGMs of the Group, in addition to events calling for your further involvements, such as providing enough funding and/or endorsements that would likely spell out the real purposes of the “Go Dah Sing” movement, probably with a loud and clear "name or title".

Your willful funding and endorsement of the said actions by way of monetary donations would likely bring forth the following foreseeable results:
1) The fund so raised can be appropriately beneficial, as and when relevant shareholder-activism actions are to be published in local and international newspapers,  such that the spirits of the actions so taken can be well publicized;
2) This way it also stands to spell out and underline the solid unity and endorsements behind the movements,  while a clearly designated name to stand for the forthcoming actions with various funding donations acting as support;
3) Last, but not least, it is envisioned that, once all expenses of the said movements are offset by the donations, all remaining funding, if any, will not be wasted, but be designated for future charity purposes.

That said, M.C. Hui, the founder of Godasing.com, has hereby set up a brand new Bank of China account, meant to act as your future donation channel for the proposed actions. This way the account details can, from time to time, be uploaded here for info purposes, while without the hassle of costly auditing fees. All such donations can, therefore, be deposited into the following account as support for the Godahsing.com actions (for the sole purpose of the movement this time):

Bank of China account:012-567-1-033571-7
Name of account: HUI, Man Cheong
Notes: All you need to do, is to ensure that the soft copy of your deposit slip will be sent to [email protected] for verification purposes. Thank you.

(all HKD500 or above sponsors will automatically be invited to become a member of wechat groups we formed, be able to receive up-to-the-minute info about all relevant ads and promotions)