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顧問團 Advisors

Godahsing.com Chief Editor & Initiator: Hui, Man Cheong 許文昌, BSW [link]

Compaign Advisor:
Yu, Zhiqiang 俞志強, a Chinese activist investor, former Strategist of Shanghai Newland Securities. [link]

Media Advisor:
Lai, Chak Fun 黎則奮, a renowned political and economic commentator, former Capital Magazine Chief Editor, former Head of DBC Channel 3. [link]

Public Relations Advisor:
Wong, Fiona 黃麗文, Managing Director of W.O.W. THINGS.

Academic Advisor:
Tsang, Kwok Ping 曾國平, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics,Virginia Tech, Member of the Economic Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. His research interests include macroeconomics and financial economics. [link]

Investment Banking Advisor:
Li, Ivan 李聲揚, BSc, MSc, CFA, Market Strategist of Tung Shing Securities. He was the Deputy Head of Research at Maybank KimEng, mainly covered China and Hong Kong financials. He is a CFA charter holder. [link]

Financial Advisors:
Greapsoup 湯財, a renowned financial blogger, an expert on securities fraud.
Hu, Tat Sun Rister 許達新, MBA, former stock analyst in Quamnet. He is good at picking small caps.
Mr Market 市場先生, a renowned financial blogger, book author, an expert on financial institutions. [link]

Investor Education Advisors:
Li, Alan 李孟瑜, BEng, MHKIE, MIstructE, nickname FFAZ, a structural engineer familiar with REITs and tiny stocks. [link]
Tso, Man Hong 曹文康, nickname Ten-Bagger, a "big V" who has over 38,000 followers in Xueqiu. [link]

Editorial Advisor:
Lee, Chiu Ming Patrick 李昭銘, the Chief Editor of a finance publication, former Managing Editor of The Securities Journal (an official HKEX publication), former Hkfn.com cofounder.

Publishing Advisor:
Leung, Wai Yin Circle 梁偉賢, General Manager of Literate Publication Limited.

IT Advisors:
Ho, Man Chung Anthony 何文聰, BSc, MSc
Mak, Yun Fai 麥潤輝, BSc, MSc, IBM Cert., Oracle 11 g OCP

Programming Advisors:
Chan, Jeff 陳永智, BEng, ZCE, MCP, Mensa
Wong, Ching Ping Daniel 王靖平, BBA, BEng, MSc, Barclays Capital PC, JP Morgan PC

Marketing Advisors: Anonymous (3)
Legal Advisor: Anonymous (1)
Commercial Banking Advisor: Anonymous (1)
Audit Advisor: Anonymous (1)
Tax Advisor: Anonymous (1)

Acknowledgements: Andrew To, Derek Leung, Edward Cheung, Edward Chin, Eva Lee, Frank Wong, Ian Li, K. Chan, Kevin Law, Larry Hung, Michael Wong, Peter Tsang, Victor Chim, Vincent Lam, Vincent Lau...etc.

(Listed in no particular order)