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由香港財經評論員許文昌設立,目的是提供有關大新金融(港交所上市編號:440)和大新銀行(港交所上市編號::2356)的相關資訊,倡議系內重組,並連結股東、傳媒和公眾以達致共同關注和推廣大新系價值的行動,目前有逾240名股東聯署贊助支持。電郵:[email protected]


www.godahsing.com, a web site founded by Man-Cheong (M.C.) Hui, a professional investor and finance commentator, is meant to link shareholders and investors of Dah Sing Financial (HKEx stock code: 440) and Dah Sing Bank (HKEx stock code: 2356), with the stocks’ vital information considered beneficial to their welfare, including advocates for shareholding restructuring actions.

Making the info public via the web site can, therefore, serve the purpose of establishing a closer link to attract enough media attention specific to the improvement of the stocks’ value, with a view to enhancing the public awareness towards the stocks’ connected concerns as well. The site has already had the support from at least 240 members, vindicated by individual monetary donations, sponsoring the on-going actions and plans.   Email: [email protected]

As matters now stand, we've come up with a win-win shareholding-restructuring proposal in respect of the Dah Sing Group, one that is set to be mutually beneficial to all parties concerned, as follows:

1) In order to enhance the group’s future growth prospects and with a view to improving the deep share-price discount now existing to its NAV, we believe that now is the time for Dah Sing Financial (440) to seriously consider distributing 99%, if not all, of the sales proceed resulting from the sale of Dah Sing Life, say, by way of a special cash dividend once and for all;
2) Dah Sing Financial and Dah Sing Banking (2356) to determinedly go for, and on a best-effort basis, the immediate target for a shareholding restructuring, like turning it into a simple, but more clear structure, with a view to improving the valuation of the Group as a whole. This can probably be implemented and thereby achieved, say, by way of distributing in specie of the Dah Sing Banking and the Bank of Chongqing (1963);
3) Dah Sing Financial to endeavor on an ongoing basis, for whatever it takes, even if it means a longer-term perspective, to procure the sale of Dah Sing Banking , so that not only a fruitful return can be anticipated, but also to call for an upbeat and consistent return on the shareholder’s funds of the bank, given the optimal efficiency so achieved through the aforesaid actions.